The Pleasure Project is going on WORLD TOUR! Help Bring this Empowering & Sex-Positive One-Woman Show to an International Audience!

In this time of Weinstein et all, my mission is to sexually empower women. Help The Pleasure Project go on World Tour and help us change the culture.


The Pleasure Project had its World Premiere in June 2017 at Rogue Machine Theatre as part of Hollywood Fringe Festival. There it received The Encore Producer’s Award. In 2018, the show makes its Australian debut in February at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, followed by the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland in August.

Described as “The love child of The Vagina Monologues and Mars Attacks!”, The Pleasure Project follows five aliens preparing to leave earth in light of an impending nuclear war who pose the question, can the clitoris save humanity? The comedic multi-media production combines film, dance, music, lip-syncing, and donut holes. 

The Pleasure Project seeks to raise awareness for and work to combat a culture that shames women for their sexual and reproductive choices. The aliens in the show celebrate female sexual empowerment as something not only positive for women, but that could literally save the world.

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