Written & Performed by Ava Bogle,

THE PLEASURE PROJECT is an internationally-acclaimed one-woman show that’s funny, engaging, informative and empowering…a performance you will leave feeling inspired, fulfilled and ready to change the world.” (Ms. Magazine)

Hilarious… learn and enjoy an empowering show on the beauty and power of the female body. If you have a partner, take them along and they’ll definitely learn a thing or two—you’re welcome in advance.”

– The Advertiser

“Well thought-out, socially on-point, cleverly constructed, and utterly unique.”

– The Adelaidian

“Very funny stuff. This is unashamedly ‘edgy’ comedy, the kind that Americans are extremely good at, and Bogle proves that she is one of the best.

– Glam Adelaide

“A chance to laugh together through rallying cries and subversive humour… a space where everyone in the audience feels welcome, and everyone leaves feeling a little more empowered.”

– Fest Magazine

“Bogle’s caricatures are exceedingly soft-core in their respective points of view and she is masterful in her gelastic presentation of them.”

– Gia On The Move

“Bogle tackles controversial issues such as sex, feminism, religion, spirituality and politics with revolutionary candor and style.”

– Ms. Magazine

Critics and audiences agree! Congratulations to Ava Bogle for The Pleasure Project – rated ‘double sweet’.”

– Better Lemons

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